Lokoya Tribe


Most of the information found on this Web Site is taken from the book “Lokoya of Sudan”. The Author, Mr. Philip Lomodong Lako – a highly respected son of lokoya from Lirya - was born in Juba in 1942 and educated at Liria Elementary School, Juba Intermediate School, Kabalega Senior Secondary School, Uganda and the University of Delhi, India. 

He Obtained a degree in Economics (Hons) and a Diploma in Marketing Management Science at the Research Institute for Management Science, Delft, Holland.He has taught in Senior Secondary Schools, worked as a marketing Manager and later as General Manager of the Regional Insurance Company. 

Pictures and Graphics on this web site are contributed by many including Samuel Loliwa (Nebraska, USA), Angelo Lobang Paterno ( Juba, Sudan), Anthony Lado( Dubai).

Our appreciation and gratitude goes to all who have supported and encouraged us through out the past years. To those who have responded to our call with great ideas and suggestion. And to you our dear Web visitor and surfer – Thank you all !

We also thank those who have contributed with their valuable suggestion and ideas. 

Mission Statement


Lokoyatribe.net aims at providing information on Cultural, Social, Geographical and Economical aspects of the Lokoya Tribe of the Southern Sudan. Lokoya Tribe, is one of the many tribes of the Southern Sudan, which are almost & Completely unknown to many; knowing its culture, therefore, will contribute to a better understanding of its people and will result in narrowing the gap between the many cultures in Southern Sudan.

This we believe is the highway for true Peace and harmony of all the tribes in the southern Sudan with their different cultures and ethnic origins; different as they may appear to many, yet there is always a common ground. This common ground is as solid as the very land they all share the Southern Sudan land. 

Lokoyatribe.net also aims at facilitating and encouraging personal contact, relation building and information sharing among the lokoya communities in the Diaspora.